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Cody Ravalli, CPA, provides a full spectrum of accounting and tax services to individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Located in Brooklyn, New York, Cody provides a service to clients around the country with matters ranging from preparing tax returns to resolving tax problems to tax planning and counseling.

You can depend on Cody to provide professional service and personal attention at a reasonable price. Contact Cody Ravalli today for all your tax and accounting needs.

Providing A Tax Service For Businesses

The tax code is complicated and confusing, with myriad rules, credits, and write-offs to ensure businesses pay their fair share while maintaining profitability. Whether your business is a Limited Liability Company, partnership, S- or C-corp., it takes a skilled accountant to sort through all the details. That’s where Cody Ravalli comes in. Cody will work closely with you to simplify your business taxes, help you understand your numbers, claim every expense, and qualify for every credit.

When you work with a capable CPA, you will only pay the taxes you truly owe and save money. Cody Ravalli’s services are not limited to advising you during tax time and preparing tax returns; he provides ongoing tax counsel on finance, business, accounting, and operational issues tailored to your needs and objectives. 

Nonprofit Tax Service

Cody Ravalli, CPA, provides first-rate tax services to nonprofit organizations such as charities, schools, human service agencies, and foundations. Cody regularly assists with Forms 990, 990T, and 990F tax returns. Other services he provides to nonprofit organizations include:

  • Corporate formation and application for tax-exempt status
  • Unrelated business income (UBI) reviews
  • Private foundation tax analysis
  • Executive compensation, pension, and employee benefits planning
  • Strategic tax planning
  • Independent tax reviews 
  • IRS examination assistance

Cody Ravalli understands the challenges facing tax-exempt and nonprofit organizations, from funding operations to maintaining accurate records to assuring donors and board members they are fiscally responsible. Let Cody guide your organization through the complex rules and regulations of maintaining its tax-exempt status so you can focus on serving the community. 

Individual Income Tax Preparation Services

Cody Ravalli, CPA, helps individuals and families in Brooklyn, New York, and nationwide with federal, state, and local income tax returns. Cody regularly files individual tax returns online and provides general tax preparations so that your refund is processed quickly. He can also assist with other tax-related matters, such as filing extensions, past-due tax returns, and back taxes owed. 

Estimated Tax Payments

If you are a small business or rental property owner, the IRS requires estimated taxes to be paid on income not subject to withholding tax, including income from:

  • Self-employment
  • Business earnings
  • Interest
  • Rent
  • Other sources

If you fail to pay or underpay your estimated taxes, you may owe the IRS money when you file your tax return. Trust Cody Ravalli to help you accurately submit your estimated tax payments.

Innovative Solutions To Tax Problems

Individuals and businesses that fail to pay taxes or even make mistakes on tax returns face significant penalties. The IRS may also engage in aggressive collection tactics such as placing liens on personal property or seizing income and assets. Cody Ravalli will work closely with you to explore all your options, such as:

  • IRS installment agreement in which you pay monthly installments to the IRS over time until the tax debt, including interest and penalties, is paid in full. 
  • Offer in compromise (OIC) is an arrangement whereby you settle for tax debt for less than the entire amount if the IRS finds that making payments in full would cause financial hardship. 
  • Tax penalty abatement is available to those taxpayers who can show they (1) have exercised reasonable prudence and care in determining their tax obligations and (2) have valid reasons for tax delinquency, such as a severe illness or disability. 

Cody also advises clients on releasing IRS liens on personal property and stopping IRS wage garnishments and bank levies. Regardless of the tax controversy facing you, it takes an experienced CPA to help you avoid tax penalties. 

Choose Cody Ravalli, CPA, For All You Tax Needs

As a certified public accountant, Cody Ravalli has comprehensive knowledge of federal, state, and local tax laws and regulations and works with clients to minimize their tax liabilities. Whether you need assistance with preparing a business or individual tax return, resolving a tax problem with the IRS or state tax authorities, or ongoing accounting and tax services, Cody is committed to protecting your interests and your finances. 

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Navigating federal, state, and local tax laws can seem intimidating, but it need not be as long as you have an experienced tax professional. Contact Cody Ravalli, CPA, today for a free consultation.