Whether your business or organization is seeking to obtain a loan or attract investment capital, confirming your financial status is fundamental. That’s where Cody Ravalli, CPA can assist you. Cody regularly prepares CPA letters and other CPA services for a wide range of clients in Brooklyn, New York City, and around the country including individuals, small and midsize businesses, and nonprofit organizations. 

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When it comes to confirming your income, assets, liabilities, and other financial information, having the guidance of a professional certified public accountant is a wise choice. Contact Cody Ravalli, CPA today to get started on your CPA services.

What Is a CPA Letter for Income Verification?

A CPA letter is a document prepared and signed by a licensed CPA that confirms certain financial information or transactions. This letter is often used as a form of verification for third parties, such as lenders, investors, and government agencies, that require independent verification of financial data.

CPA letters can take various forms depending on their purpose. For example, a lender may require a CPA letter to confirm a borrower’s financial status, including income, assets, and liabilities. Similarly, an investor may request a CPA letter to verify a company’s financial statements before making an investment decision.

In addition, CPA letters are often required in legal proceedings, such as during a divorce or a business dispute. In these cases, a New York CPA may be asked to provide an expert opinion on financial matters.

Who Can Benefit From CPA Letters and CPA Services?

A wide range of businesses and organizations may use CPA letters for various purposes, including:

  • Small businesses to verify financial information for lenders or investors, or as part of legal proceedings.
  • Non-profit organizations to provide assurance to donors or government agencies that their financial statements are accurate and reliable.
  • Government agencies to verify financial information submitted by individuals or organizations for various purposes, such as tax filings or grant applications.
  • Publicly traded companies to provide assurance to investors and regulators that their financial statements comply with relevant accounting standards and regulations.
  • Financial institutions to verify the financial information of customers, or as part of regulatory compliance requirements.

In sum, individuals, businesses, and government agencies that require independent verification of financial information use CPA letters as an important tool to provide assurance and build trust with stakeholders.

What Information Is Included in CPA Letters?

The specific contents of a CPA letter vary depending on the purpose for which it is being prepared, but generally include the following elements:

  1. A statement identifying the specific financial information or transactions being verified.
  2. A description of the procedures performed by the CPA to verify the information, including any limitations or restrictions encountered during the process.
  3. A statement of the CPA’s findings, including any qualifications or limitations
  4. A conclusion or opinion regarding the financial information or transactions being verified.
  5. A signature and date from the CPA who prepared the letter.

In some cases, a CPA letter may also include additional information or disclosures, such as:

  • An explanation of the basis for the CPA’s opinion
  • A statement regarding the reliability of the underlying financial data
  • A discussion of any significant risks or uncertainties associated with the information or transactions being verified

Importantly, a Brooklyn CPA letter is not a comprehensive audit or review of all financial information or transactions for New York businesses, but rather a limited-scope verification of specific information or transactions. As such, the contents of a CPA letter should be read in conjunction with other relevant financial information and disclosures to fully understand the overall financial picture.

Can I Write My Own CPA Letter?

It is technically possible to draft your own CPA letter to confirm financial information, but this is not recommended for most people. While you may be familiar with your own finances, a letter written by a professional CPA carries much more validity and credibility with lenders, investors, and other third parties.

Here are some key reasons it’s better to have a qualified CPA prepare your letter:

  • Credibility – A letter from an independent CPA verifies the accuracy of the financial information. Lenders know CPAs have standards and ethics to uphold.
  • Expertise – CPAs are experts in presenting financial data accurately and meeting the specific requirements needed.
  • Liability – If errors exist, the CPA bears responsibility rather than you.
  • Customization – CPAs can draft the letter specifically to the purpose needed and address unique aspects of your situation.

Unless you have specialized financial knowledge and accounting credentials, it is wise to rely on an experienced CPA to handle your CPA letter. This helps ensure the letter will be accepted and avoid any complications or delays in getting approved for financing.

Why Cody Ravalli CPA, NYC?

Cody Ravalli is a highly regarded professional with the CPA services, expertise and knowledge to prepare a CPA letter in Brooklyn, New York City, and across the U.S. Clients come to Cody for several reasons, such as:

  • Expertise – Cody Ravalli has specialized knowledge and training in accounting, auditing, and financial reporting. As a licensed CPA and AICPA member, he has a deep understanding of accounting principles and practices and the ability to analyze complex financial data. Trust Cody to prepare a CPA letter that is accurate, reliable, and credible.
  • Independence – Cody is an independent professional who is not affiliated with the individuals or organizations being verified in the CPA letter. This independence ensures that he can provide an objective assessment of the financial information or transactions being verified.
  • Credibility – As a licensed CPA, Cody Ravalli adheres to the highest ethical and professional standards. When he signs a CPA letter, it provides a level of credibility and assurance that the information being verified is accurate and reliable.

In short, Cody Ravalli has the expertise, independence, and credibility required to provide an accurate and reliable assessment of financial information or transactions in a well-crafted CPA letter.

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