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Cody Ravalli, CPA, provides professional payroll services to businesses of all sizes nationwide. Cody offers customized payroll solutions and a superior level of personal service not found in many companies. When you work with Cody Ravalli, he will help you select the appropriate solution with an emphasis on cost savings. His comprehensive services include: 

  • Set-up
  • Check processing
  • Quarterly 941 report (federal withholding)
  • Quarterly federal unemployment reports
  • Quarterly state unemployment and withholding reports
  • Processing tax payments
  • Guidance
  • Impound tax payments
  • Customized reports 
  • Direct deposit
  • Worker’s compensation reports
  • Personalized support
  • Bank reconciliation
  • New hire W-4 reporting

Outsourcing payroll functions allows you to focus on running your business and growing your company. Cody cares about his clients and will work to help you achieve your goals. 

Why Choose Cody Ravalli For Your Payroll

Cody understands the needs of business owners and will work closely with you to find an effective payroll solution. He has in-depth knowledge of best practices for all types of businesses, from sole proprietors to service providers, from restaurants (tipped-wage reporting) to union shops (certified payrolls, prevailing wage reporting, and benefits processing).

You can depend on Cody to avoid costly errors in payroll processing that can result in IRS fines, help you correctly classify employees and independent contractors, and keep your business compliant with applicable wage and hour laws. Above all, Cody works to build lasting business relationships and is committed to your success. 

Payroll Services Cody Ravalli Provides

Cody Ravalli provides a wide range of services to businesses across multiple industries. Cody’s professional payroll services include:

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit benefits employers and employees by:

  • Reducing the time and expense of preparing and reconciling paychecks
  • Eliminating check fraud exposure
  • Protecting confidentiality

In short, direct deposit helps employers eliminate check distribution and is more convenient for employees.

Payroll Tax and Compliance Services

Cody Ravalli has the skills and experience to ensure your business remains compliant with federal and state tax requirements. You can trust Cody to calculate your appropriate taxes, file them on time, and reconcile your taxes at regular intervals. Turning over your payroll tax responsibilities to a qualified professional will help you avoid tax penalties and give you peace of mind.

New Hire Reporting

Most states require employers to report information regarding all newly-hired employees and impose penalties on businesses that fail to comply. Cody Ravalli’s comprehensive payroll services include new hire reporting. 

Paperless Payroll

In addition to direct deposit, checks and reports can be delivered via email, saving on delivery costs and making overall turnaround quicker.

Garnishments Pay Systems

As a certified public accountant, Cody Ravalli knows how to calculate child support and tax levy minimums and maximums and determine your employees’ net disposable income.

Workers’ Compensation Premiums

Cody collaborates with workers’ compensation insurance carriers to calculate insurance premiums and ensures that the proper amount is withdrawn directly from clients’ bank accounts unless premiums are paid in advance. 

Cody Ravalli leverages his accounting and bookkeeping expertise to provide top-flight payroll services to businesses in New York and around the country. Outsourcing your payroll functions will save time, eliminate the additional costs of having personnel manage it for you, improve the efficiency of processing, and, most importantly, keep your employees happy. 

Contact Brooklyn-based Cody Ravall, CPA For Professional Payroll Services

Whether your business is a startup or an established company, having efficient, accurate payroll services is essential. If you are looking to grow your business and limit costs, outsourcing your payroll services is the smart choice. Cody Ravalli also offers businesses a full suite of accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation services, making him your one-stop shop for all your business accounting needs. Contact Cody today for a consultation.